Former ‘V’ Executive Producer Discovers Pirates At FX

Scott Rosenbaum signs on to write the pilot of "Port Royal."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Back in April, Gale Anne Herd ("The Walking Dead") announced her plans to bring a pirate series called "Port Royal" to television through a partnership with Graham King's GK-tv. The project quickly landed at FX, and now this ship has found its captain.

According to Deadline, Scott Rosenbaum has signed on to write the pilot of "Port Royal" and he will stay on as an executive producer. The series will take place in Jamaica during the 17th century, while chronicling Port Royal's rise as “the richest and wickedest city” in the new world as it offers safe haven for pirates, corrupt politicians and unscrupulous merchants.

Rosenbaum has a previous history at FX from his time on "The Shield," before he moved on to become an executive producer for "Chuck." However, Rosenbaum is probably best known as the executive producer and showrunner of ABC's revival of "V;" a series which was recently canceled after two disappointing seasons.

Back in April, Rosenbaum spoke to CraveOnline and seemed to deflect the responsibility for the things that went wrong on that show.

"Sometimes I get bummed because things that people want are things that were out of my control," related Rosenbaum. "I say, 'I was going to do that but I couldn’t do it for reason A, B, C or D.' In this day and age with a lot of shows more and more, I think you’re going to see it increasingly happen over the next couple years is audiences are becoming more specific on network TV. The passion and dedication those viewers have can keep a show going."

Consider "Port Royal" your second chance to prove yourself, Scott! We'd much rather have a good pirate series than another "Cutthroat Island" (pictured above); which we will keep using until we get something from "Port Royal" to throw up there!

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