Blue Collar Hell

If We WeWe hope you love your job. We know you probably don't.

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

Does anyone honestly love their job?  Maybe if you do something super cool for a boat load of money you do.   But for you average people out there like myself, good jobs are tough to come by.  And for me, jobs in general are tough to keep.  Why you might ask?  Because I'm insubordinate?  Nope, I have no problem taking instructions.  I have a bad attitude?  Not really, I'd rather get along with folks than have a problem.  Well then I must call out of work too much.  Never.  I'm actually quite punctual and show up for whatever stupid shift I may be scheduled for.  But no matter where I go, I feel a huge bulls eye on my back.  I think there is only one reason… Because I have a backbone. 

Yep you read correctly.  A backbone seems to be the bane of my existence at the workplace.  Managers tend to want me on my knees and puckered up upon their arrival.  But I always feel like I'm in that scene in Role Models where Paul Rudd refuses to bow to the "king".  Since relocating to Los Angeles, I've had a couple jobs. At both of them I've tried to be as Clark Kent as  possible.  I want no attention, be it negative or positive.  But trouble somehow finds me.  Managers and co workers alike can't understand how I could possibly not want to be "promoted" or take on more responsibilities.  This may be their career, but it sure ain't mine.  You want to be here your whole life, more power to you.  But the thought of me spending years at a grocery store makes me gag.

This whole way of thinking seems completely backwards.  Don't the managers want someone with initiative?  Someone who can stand up and be a leader and make the tough calls?  Nope.  They are searching for minions to do their bidding and nothing more.  But what makes these managers suddenly lose their humanity and become total D bags? 

Maybe it's some kind of Napoleon complex.  They forget that at one point in their lives they were in our shoes.  Pushing carts, cleaning toilets, and contemplating suicide on a regular basis.  And someone probably treated them the way they are treating us now.  With no regard for the fact that we bust our humps for lousy hours, bad shifts, and horrible pay.  On top of that, we have to be verbally assaulted and disrespected.  I honestly don't need that much stress in my life.  Yet we put up with it.  Millions of Americans do.  Maybe we should all come together to bring down these tyrants of blue collar America.  But I presume we will just remain in our bubbles of comfort until pushed over the edge.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm close to that edge.