The Hippest Hipster Videos on the HiperNet

The Hip list. 10 funny videos with one mission : to spread the word of PBR, American Apparel and the Hipster life style.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

The Hippest Hipster Videos on the HiperNet

The list to follow is present in no particular order, based on merit, humor or talent. Because that would be too much like caring. This list has been gathered according to the hipster creed and is thus completely ironic, in it's lack of irony and so forth.


Enjoy… or don't cause that's how hipsters roll.


How To Be A Hipster

Starting things off, is this vlog by NoWehDude and I’m only showing you this, to really set the bar extrememly low for this list. Because as a true hipster, Who cares? Right? I mean… this is probably just completely an ironic thing to include.

Now that you’re caught up on what a hipster is and how to be a hipster, let’s move on. Or not, whatever, meh… it doesn’t matter.


American Apparel: Everyday Sexy

Next up comes from our friends at the acclaimed Upright Citizens Brigade, Targeting  the godfather of the hipster clothing, theFounder of American Apparel Dov Charney makes everyday sexy.



Written by Todd Bieber. Directed by Todd Bieber. Starring Nate Dern. Featuring Will Storie, Emily Axford, Will Hines, and Pamela Murphy. Edited by Nate Dern. Crewed by Carmen Angelica and Mitch Magee… not that anybody cares.


Where The Dirty Hipsters Are (Wild Things Spoof)


I really don’t think there’s anything to be said about this, other than, this was probably the movie Spike Jones should have made! (cause that other movie, was un hip)



Henry Rollins vs Hipsters


Still confused on just what a hipster is? Check out this excerpt from the tv program "Durch die Nacht mit… (Into the Night with…) Henry Rollins and Shirin Neshat". Henry gets mocked by local hipsters at the record store and fights back immediately.


How to seduce a Hipster


Have you seen enough that, you no longer care what a hipster is? But you’re pretty sure you want to make out with one, because let’s face it, skin tight leotards are boner poppers and there’s only one good way to make some shut up about how uncool listening to Brian Adams and John Cougar Melon camp is.


Confessions of a Hipster

And Now another vlogger who is most likely ironically pretending that she’s pretending to be a hipster. But she clearly knows way too much about this topic for this to be even remotely farse. And sadly I know enough to be able call her out on this… You don’t know me! I’ll be in my room listening to Jawbreaker and drinking Arrogant Bastard, cause PBR is to hip to be hip anymore!



F**K You Hipsters

While everyone is entailed to their own opinions on hipsters, we do not necessarily share the opinions expressed by in this video… though he’s pretty much right about the tight jeans, irony and black rimmed glasses.


And for the Record, Van Halen still rocks hard.



Hipsters in Space: SuperNews



SuperNews is Current TV’s animated Wunderkind And while this video reeks of hipsters ala 2008 and in internet terms that’s like 40 years ago. So check out this video to experience some kind of retro-futurism, of the hipster future as scene from 1940’s..


Also is it me or does that freaky little hovering robot remind you of Dov that runs American Apparel?


A Hipster Space Odyssey: SuperNews!



If you liked that, check out another episode of Hipster Space Odyssey that spoofs it’s name sake, but not enough to make it looks like they care, or that they’re not trying to be ironical in doing so.



Also, does anyone else suddenly want to bang that slightly dumpy hipster chick, even though she’s animated? How many STD’s do animated chicks have anyway?


Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters

 Had enough? Then get on board with this over dubbed ttailer from jmsalad



And remember folks… when you least expect it – Jeff Goldblum!