Old Tube New Tube : The Job Hunters

Online videos are a big business, Your next job could be dependent on just how popular your youtube channel is!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


Old Tube New Tube : The Job Hunters

The days of polished resumes and woven cream colored papyrus .3048 mm card stock with and embossed serif font business card are gone. Having a robust online persona, with a large following is now more important then ever if you want to get in to the interview seat let alone get the job, And today’s youtubers know it well. They’re using the internet not only to show off their skills, but straight out petition for the jobs they crave!

Old Tube : BrettTheIntern

Brett has made a career of being an intern, and because of it he’s gatherered himself a huge following on the internet. Because you can’t spell ‘internet’ with out ‘intern’.  Starting his channel back in 2008, Brett now stands at over 100K subscribers and makes a pretty chunk of change with his videos, making him the best paid intern on the web.


Now he’s going after a new boss – Charlie Sheen



And the campaign doesn’t stop there,  his fist video was just a glimpse of what he’s youtube collab powers can unfold. When he made it from the 74,000 submissions in to the top 50 this video came out Featuring KassemG, DeStorm, MysteryGuitarMan, ShayCarl, iJustine, DaveDays, NicePeter, TimothydelaGhetto2, TotallySketch, Ceciley, GoodNeighborStuff, hiimrawn, LisaNova, and CourtneyPants



New Tube: MrJeremybelanger

Jeremy Belanger is brand new to youtube, and he’s using his channel for one sole purpose – The be on the office. He’s channel is slowly filling up with video auditions this like this one with Andy Harris (from angry pickle productions)



Belenger is not stating his plea simply with his acting talents – but this plea that shows off both his musical abilities… and that he’ll work extremely cheap.



The Stats

Channel Views: 944,683
Total Upload Views: 5,859,984
Subscribers: 117,662               

Channel Views: 234
Total Upload Views: 1,799
Subscribers: 17


Bonus Video:

Here’s a quick video I did with Jeremy’s friend Andy Harris (sorry Andy just called me to restate that he is NOT friends with Jeremy, my bad).