Wii Play: Motion Review

Nice controller, okay mini-games, decent bundle...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Wii Play: Motion

Wii Play: Motion is the newest Wii Remote software bundle from Nintendo. The original Wii Play sold exceptionally well given that it provided a collection of mini-games with a standard Wii Remote. The game itself was cheap, only $10 more than the cost of a standalone Wii Remote. Buying it back in the early days of the Wii was a no-brainer.

Nintendo is clearly looking to catch lightning in a bottle once again as they’ve given Wii Play a sequel with Wii Play: Motion. This new game is bundled with the gorgeous black Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus built in.

For $50, $10 more than the black Wii MotionPlus Remote alone, players will be privy to 12 mini-games with multiple play modes per game. The draw here is obviously the potential for group play. The mini-games range from boring to, honestly, quite fun. While they won’t last the solo player more than a few minutes each, groups of gamers looking to chill out with simple mechanics will dig the experience.

Wii Play: Motion

The issue here is that those that want to play in groups will need multiple Wii Remotes with Wii MotionPlus. This game comes with one. If you want to group up you’ll need to shell out the extra dough for the extra controllers.

The games themselves each have neat, Nintendo perks and gimmicks. Given the proper atmosphere, they’re all well worth the $10 price of entry. But take note: this is not a deep experience. You’ll enjoy the games, get into the precision of Wii MotionPlus and be ready to move on.

So, let’s recap: what are the draws of this bundle? Wii MotionPlus with a mini-game bundle for $50. If you’ve got extra remotes that are MotionPlus capable and a group of friends looking to game on the cheap and easy, this might be a solid buy.

That said, there is another bundle that sells for cheaper with an even better game inside. FlingSmash is bundled with the same black Wii Remote and packs a longer, more rewarding gaming experience. It’s set to sell at the same price as Wii Play: Motion; however, places like GameStop are currently selling the product new for less than $30.

Consider your play style and choose wisely.