Kelly Sears’s New Short Film is Pure Terror

Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise is a nerve shattering film, only available online through the end of the week.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

As a film critic I see a lot of movies. As a horror fan I see a lot of horror movies in particular. As such, it's pretty difficult to scare me, and even harder to seriously freak me out. Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise accomplishes this feat perfectly. It's available on Vimeo through the end of the week and must be seen.

Utilizing found yearbook photos, director Kelly Sears has created a partially animated look at the nightmare that befell a typical high school decades ago, which nobody talked about then and nobody knows about now. The horror, though conceptual, is palpable and the sense of dread can be described as Lovecraftian even though it lacks monsters from beyond the veil of time and space. Even after the film's secrets are unlocked, albeit enigmatically, the film sticks in your craw like a chunk of half-digested meat. I think it may tip its hand a little much near the end, but Sears beautifully deconstructs the cultural disgust befalling a culture that has yet to acknowledge its own macabre evolution.

Although not embeddable, you can find Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise from Rooftop Films on Vimeo. I cannot recommend it enough. See it while you still can.