Robin Playable in Batman: Arkham City

The Boy Wonder comes to Rocksteady's gritty Gotham.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Since the day Warner Brothers and Rocksteady announced Batman: Arkham City, we’ve wondered if the Boy Wonder would make the transition to the wonderful world of proper superhero gaming. In fact, way back in the day we did an Arkham City wishlist which begged Rocksteady to include both Robin and Nightwing in the hotly anticipated sequel.

It looks like Rocksteady has seen our Bat-Signal, so to speak. However, there’s a slight catch. Best Buy will be offering a playable Robin as a pre-order incentive for Arkham City. Although, he’s only playable on two of the game’s challenge maps (so far).

The internet was quick to notice the pre-order incentive in this week’s Best Buy flyer, which was quickly scanned and tossed online for the entire globe to see. Warner Bros. is planning pre-order incentives for all the major retailers (GameStop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Amazon), but it’s going to take something completely unforeseen to best the Boy Wonder option. For instance, GameStop is only offering the Joker’s Carnival Challenge map.

For those who hate to pre-order but still want a crack at Batman's trusty circus sidekick, the odds of the Robin add-on coming down the road as paid DLC are pretty high. That seems to be the latest trend in our industry. Maybe Warner Bros. will even do something smart like the Rockstar Pass for all Arkham City pre-order and future DLC.