SKETCH FEAST: Parody Special

X-Men First Class, State Farm, and more get the parody treatment.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Welcome to Sketch Feast the CraveOnline Comedy series that celebrates the best of the filmed sketch. We’ll be looking at Internet sketch teams, famous television shows and the best of the best. Today in celebration of the success of X-Men First Class at the box office, we’re looking at parodies, starting with this look at the other side of the Xavier schools:

Isn’t that great!!! The key to a good parody is a clear respect for the source material and a willingness to go as far as the joke needs to go. Cool Table Comedy, who made this gem have a youtube channel here COOL TABLE and are worth a look. SO worth checking out!
Want more? Well if you’re like me you’re a little tired of the most recent State Farm advertisements that have nothing to do with insurance, or sanity. We’ve visited with Mike Diva before, and he’s done the world a favor and poked some fun at the State Farm folks with his “Great Farm” parody. Here it is:

Ah, a delight. Nothing makes me happier than jokes about reality unraveling. Mike’s channel which is full of funny sketchy goodness (plus pranks and music videos) is right here: Mr. Mike Diva

Speaking of advertising parodies, here’s one from Waverly Films who I think has some of the coolest sketch makers going:

Everything else on the Waverly Films channel is super good. They have music videos too, but it’s mostly sketch. Here is there channel in convenient link form: WAVERLEY FILMS

Last but not least it’s Wooden Nickel Shorts and their take on the Twilight franchise. It's good stuff. It took me a while to come around to this one, but now that I have, I love it. I don’t think it’s the sketch’s fault; I just hate Twilight SO MUCH that anything that references it is already on my bad list. Here’s the clip:

That’s fun stuff. Check out the rest of their stuff at this channel which is varied and fun. This also might be a good time to boycott the Twilight series.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at parody sketch, and we’ll be back soon with more. What sketch shows or online sketch teams should we feature here? Let us know via my twitter at @SaxCarr or @CraveOnline and we’ll take a look. We’ll bring you the BEST of sketch here, so eat up, it’s a SKETCH FEAST.