NerdNet: Hitler Reacts To DC Reboot

This meme is utterly wrong, but somehow classic.  Now, Angry Hitler responds to news of the DC Reboot.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Hitler Mad at DC Reboot

For some reason, these never get old.  The meme's been around for years, and it's completely wrong on many levels, but sometimes that's what makes comedy comedy. 

Given the big news about the DC Reboot, it's inevitable that the internet would serve up another angry Hitler rant about it.  Sure, the execution rarely matches the idea, but people keep going for it.  For my money, there will never be a funnier title for one of these things than "Hitler Mad At Matt Hardy's Face Turn" (and sadly, the actual video doesn't live up to that title), but this is part of what's wonderful about the internet in general.  Not only will they turn anything and everything into a song, but they'll dig up a dramatic Alec Guinness performance from the 1973 film Hitler: The Last Ten Days and turn it into something this goofy.

Another interesting point about this particular meme – ever notice how the rants are usually supposed to make us sympathize with him?  With Adolf Hitler?  What's that about?

Check out the flip-out below and see if you agree with Hitler.  Now you know if you hate the reboot – you agree with Hitler.  Might not want to go advertising that, there, chief.