Nintendo: Launch Your Consoles with Mario Kart!

Gamers can't get enough of Mushroom Kingdom racing!

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Mario Kart LEGO

Nintendo tried something different with the 3DS. They chose to launch the system without a massive, banner piece of software behind it. The largest offering in the Nintendo 3DS launch lineup was, arguably, Pilotwings.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I love Pilotwings. But why not go bigger?

Look, this is your chance to make a huge splash. You come up with a completely novel, revolutionary piece of tech with portable, glassess-less 3D; but, you botch the launch with a host of games that no one really cares about. Why?

You could have given us a Mario title, a Zelda title, a Kirby title, a Pikmin title, a Metroid title… but no, you went with Nintendogs, Pilotwings and Steel Diver. You claimed that you wanted to spread the releases out over the year rather than bunch them up all at once, and that would have been fine. But, outside of the hardware, you gave die-hard Nintendo fans very little to grab hold of in your launch lineup.

Give us a Mario Kart title for the Project Cafe! It makes perfect sense! You'll capture the hearts of die-hards, you'll win over the casual crowd and you'll roll out a kart game standard on the first day of your new console's lifespan.

Look, Mario Kart games are normally among the best selling titles on every platform they grace. Mario Kart DS released practically ages ago and it still ranks as one of the best games that handheld has to offer.

The Project Cafe or Wii 2 or whatever you're going to call it will absolutely dominate if you launch it with a Mario Kart title. Then you can get to spreading the rest of your library around over the course of the console's first year.

Please your fans, please your investors, blow our minds.

Credit for that amazing banner image belongs to Google Image Search and DeviantArt user drsparc.

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