Trenched Priced at 1200 Points, Dated for June 22nd

Double Fine's mech-based action game gets a new video too...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson


Double Fine sent out a press release with news of a launch date, a new price point and a new video clip for their next Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive, Trenched. This 3rd person tower defense game hinges on the actions of the player as a member of a team of mechs in an alternate future.

Look, don't try too hard to wrap your brain around this marvel of creativity. Erik and I played Trenched at PAX East this past year, and we loved it. Double Fine's penchant for blending humor with originality takes center stage in this action title. Even more than that, though, we loved the gameplay too. It was downright fun.

Brad Muir, Trenched Project Lead, offered this up in the press release… we laughed:

"You're probably not even reading this part of the press release right now because we sent a video along with it. And honestly that's fine; the video has all the information you need. Except the price. Oh crap we forgot to put that in the video. Ok I'll just say it right here. It's 1200 Microsoft Points. Did you get that? Maybe we should make that bold if you're going to have it in a quote like this."

Here's the video in question, the intro cutscene for the game.

Trenched is due out on June 22nd on XBLA for 1200 Points.