Hines Ward Dances Away With Another Title

The Steelers Star is the Dancing With The Stars Champ!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

He's been voted the nastiest, dirtiest player in the NFL. He has taken a position that has been dominated by male diva's and shown that you can be physically tough and catch a ball. He's a SuperBowl winner , a SuperBowl MVP, and potentially a Hall of Fame inductee, but nothing could prepare you for his latest accomplishment…

Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the newest Dancing With the Stars Champion!.

That's right, the hardest hitting wideout the NFL has ever seen has taken the much coveted Mirror Ball and danced his way into the hearts and minds of America, going farther than anyone thought possible.

"When I signed up, I'd never danced in my whole life," the NFL star told "GMA" in his first post-finale interview. "I was so scared. I didn't even go to my prom."

Ward, and his professional partner, Kym Johnson, beat out actress Kirstie Alley and Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane, and their professional partners, in the final show behind some sizzling dance routines.

"This competition was so close throughout the whole season that we knew it was going to come down to the fans' vote," said Ward. "Steelers Nation and all the fans were just great."

The surprise dark horse of the show, Kristie Alley, showed the most improvement throughout the season, getting steadily better as the season went on to the point where she was almost able to tango past the Steelers receiver into the top spot. She had to settle for second but the experience left her reinvigorated and ready to take back control of her life.

"It's the hardest physically I've ever worked in my life," agreed Alley, who made no bones from day one of the season about her goal to lose weight during the competition. "It's insane. It's brutal."

Though the work load was unorthodox for a NFL player, it left Ward in great shape and ready to get back on the field, if only they had this little collective bargaining agreement pinned down and done.

"I think we've all lost weight," he said.

Photo Courtesy of:  ASSOCIATED PRESS