Sony’s Bringing PSP Titles to PS3 in HD

Sony announces the PSP Remaster program. Now we don't have to suffer through playing great games on an uncomfortable handheld.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony has announced a new program where they will be taking a number of their classic PSP titles and porting them over to the PlayStation 3 on a blu-ray disc with HD visuals, new gameplay additions and enhanced controls to take advantage of the PS3’s controller. As of right now, Japan is the only country that gets access to this amazing opportunity. The first PSP title to get the HD-remastering treatment will be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

However, if the concept catches on and sees massive sales (Monster Hunter is a great title to start with, as Japanese people go ape-shit for that franchise), then we could be seeing the program hitting our side of the world. The thought of having HD versions of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Patapon and the God of War PSP titles to play on my television is an incredibly enticing notion. To be frank, my pants just got a whole lot tighter. Just sayin'.

Let’s take this opportunity to get some reader discussion brewing. What PSP titles would you like to see get the HD-PS3 porting treatment?