PlayStation Store Expected Back on May 24

Sony's staying true to their promise of the PS Store being up before the end of May.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony is planning to revive the PlayStation Store on May 24, if an internal memo circulating to Sony’s publishing partners is to be believed. The memo was first obtained by website Gamasutra, which is now making the rounds to all other media outlets.

Two days ago Sony announced that they would be publishing multiple PS Store updates per week in order to play catch-up to the upcoming release schedule for the service. This memo confirms that’s still very much the plan. If all goes according to schedule, the PS Store will be up to date within two weeks.

The first batch of content will drop when the PS Store reopens its digital doors on May 24. This update will bring with it the content that was supposed to launch on the service back on April 26. Then, three days later on the 27th, there will be another PS Store update that will see the release of the content originally pegged down for May 3. The following week will see content releases on May 31 and June 3, which dumps everything that was originally scheduled to launch over a three week period onto the storefront in a fell swoop.

It’s at this point that Sony should be all caught up and can resume releasing content on the standard weekly schedule they have been rolling with since the PlayStation Store’s launch. Finally, Sony is open to release schedule adjustments, if certain developers have a problem with when their content is pushed onto the PlayStation Store. Sony will be hearing these pleas on a case by case basis.

The resurrection of the PlayStation Store is one of the final hurdles Sony has to jump over to finally push this PSN hack business under the rug.