How Can People Complain About Sony’s Free Games!?

They're saying they're sorry with a butt load of free content!

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Sony Says They're Sorry

Are you kidding me?! Sony’s offered up a ton of free content as an apology for the downtime users have experienced and a bulk of the gaming community finds it within their rights to complain about the products available? That’s crazy talk!

Yes, Sony really screwed the pooch with this whole PSN crap storm. It was bad, user information was compromised and gamers went almost a month without online access.

But, hey, guess what, Sony still didn’t owe you anything. They honestly didn’t. They could have just chalked the hack up to bad luck, issued an apology, brought the service back online and moved along. Would you have had a right to complain? Absolutely. But Sony wouldn’t have been in the wrong for ignoring your collective crabiness.

They didn’t do that, though! No! They went ahead and put together an extensive apology package. They didn’t need to do even half of what they did. They’re giving users a weekend of free movies, a month of free PlayStation Plus, free items in Home and a choice of four free games from a list of ten (two for the PS3 and two for the PSP).

There's a caveat to my griping. There are a select group of PlayStation fans that this deal is not necessarily designed for. I'm talking about the most die-hard PlayStation fans. You know, the people that have been defending the system since its initial announcement. These are the same people that probably run out and buy every major PlayStation 3 exclusive as soon as it drops. And, for them, any list of games would likely be lackluster.

For those types of gamers, I don't think any peace offering from Sony would have been good enough. Maybe a lump sum of money deposited into their PlayStation Store accounts for use later would have sufficed. But giving up older, quality games to a demographic that probably already has them won't do the trick. To those users I express a sense of understanding.

To everyone else…I honestly can’t see what it is you have to complain about.

And yet here we stand, listening to people complain about the free games being offered.

What blows my mind is that the games being given away are quality titles. Out of the list for each system, most of us can find at least one or two that we don’t own. Me? I’m missing three of them.

The games themselves, like I said, are strong. Here’s the list, stripped from Erik’s rundown of the Welcome Back package…

North American Appreciation Program:

All PlayStation Network customers can select two PS3 games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.
  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

For PSP owners, you will be eligible to download two PSP games from the following list. The games will be available for 30 days shortly after PlayStation Store is restored and can be kept forever.

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation

inFAMOUS is great, LittleBigPlanet is great, Wipeout is great, Super Stardust HD is great, ModNation PSP is great, LittleBigPlanet PSP is great… really! These are are fantastic titles from the PS3 and PSP catalog.

And when I say “you guys,” understand that I don’t mean simply Crave. This extends to just about every gaming centric section. I just don’t get it.