New Burnout On the Way?

Survey says... probably, if a classification filing is anything to go by.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Good news Burnout fans, it looks like a new Burnout title may very well be on the way. That’s if a recent filing on the Australian Classification Board is anything to go by. A listing for “Burnout Crash” went live on the Classification Board’s website on Friday. Not much else is listed in regards to what the game is about (or what systems it will be on), but it does say it’s published by EA (lining up with previous Burnout efforts) and that it’s multiplatform.

As many of you probably know, Criterion, the makers of Burnout, just wrapped up developing the amazing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which borrows a lot of elements from their previous car mayhem franchise, Burnout. There has been no official word if Criterion’s next project will be a sequel to Hot Pursuit, or if the company is going back to developing further Burnout titles. This ACB filing suggests Criterion might be going back to their roots. We’re all for that, for the record.

Prepare for some sort of announcement from Criterion soonish, as studio boss Alex Ward has alluded to it via sweet tweet.

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