Marvel Unleashes The ‘Fear Itself’ Trailer

The Marvel universe goes to hell next week thanks to the God of Fear.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

For months Marvel has been teasing its next big event, Fear Itself, which pits the heroes of the Marvel Universe against the God of Fear and his avatars, "The Worthy."

And with first issue due in stores in just under a week, Marvel has released a new trailer for Fear Itself which shows the ascension of the Red Skull (Sin) and other villains into "The Worthy" and shows the people of Earth turning on their heroes as they give into fear and power The Serpent's return… 


Earlier this month, Fear Itself writer Matt Fraction offered additional hints about the series, particularly The Serpent's connection to Norse mythology.

"[The Serpent is] Odin's dirty little secret [and] the dark heart of Norse cosmology," stated Fraction. "He makes Odin look like a teddy bear… The Serpent is everything vile you can imagine in a supreme deity."

"We are fuel for that fire, and it's mostly between Odin and the Serpent," continued Fraction. "Nothing we can do or say will change that."

As for "The Worthy," Marvel Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort added "[They will] redefine the scale of the battlefield in the Marvel Universe…it's a battle between gods, and 'man' – in the form of our superheroes – will be caught in the middle."

Fear Itself will take place over a seven issue miniseries by Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen. Fear Itself #1 will slam into comic stores on Wednesday, April 06.