Are We There Yet – Strange Tour Packages

A look at some strange and funny tour packages.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

When people travel to an idyllic place like Hawaii, most visitors want to attend a luau and nosh on a roasted pig while watching hula dancers, check out the endless stretches of beach, or even take in some history at a national site like Pearl Harbor.


So you can imagine my intrigue (and surprise) when I received a press release about Hawaii Tours and their new “Find President Obama’s Birth Certificate” tour package that includes sightseeing as well as a little bit of detective work. While on tour, guests become part of a search and rescue team for the President’s birth records while island-hopping, exploring active volcanoes, visiting the Pearl Harbor Memorial, journeying 120-miles around the Island of Oahu and enjoying a traditional luau at Paradise Cove. It’s a unique way to see the local attractions while participating in something completely out of the norm.


It got me to thinking about some of the stranger or more unusual tour packages I’ve come across over the years (and there have been plenty). In Maine travelers can go on a Bigfoot search – guests are loaded into a Chevy truck after being treated to breakfast, and, after a quick trip through the Dunkin Donuts drive-through, the hunt for sasquatch is on. Even if you don’t spot this mythical beast, tour operators promise that the beauty of the sunrise and the local wildlife will be exciting in and of itself.


Megalithic Tours in England offer a wide range of unique tours, including a Halloween Pendle Witch tour (which is inspired by a witch hunt that took place 400 years ago), a Scotland and Templar Connection tour, and there’s even a four-day Crop Circle Quest Weekend. There are Loch Ness tours in Scotland, and there are a wide range of ghost tours across North America (the one is Salem, Massachusetts is fantastic; they also host spooky sightseeing trips in Quebec City, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Savannah and more). I’ve even come across tours of Tornado Alley and storm-chasing tours in the Midwest (would I want to get sucked up by a cyclone on my next vacation? Debatable).


While each destination has its more obvious, well-known sites to see, it’s also fun to dig a little deeper and find a few of the more obscure tours. While these unique day-trips are off the beaten track, they still provide an out-of-the-ordinary experience you won’t soon forget.


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