Microsoft Renews ‘The Guild’

Felicia Day's popular web series will return for a fifth season this summer.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Microsoft Renews 'The Guild'

"The Guild" will live to conquer the web again.

Tubefilter is reporting that Microsoft has officially renewed "The Guild" for its fifth season, which will debut this summer on Xbox Live, MSN Video and the Zune Marketplace, with Sprint also on board as a sponsor.

Back in 2007, Felicia Day created, wrote and starred in "The Guild," which follows a group of online gamers whose lives seem to revolve around a MMORPG. Day appears as the main character, Cortex; with Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Vincent Caso, Robin Thorsen and Amy Okuda also starring in the series.

Since its initial debut, "The Guild" has become one of the biggest web TV hits, with over 100 million views and numerous awards.

“I’ve never been more excited for anything. Take that Christmas 1989,” joked Sean Becker, direct of "The Guild." “I’m really excited for the renewal of season 5. I think this decision could really turn Microsoft into a household name.”

At the end of the fourth season, a trip to a gaming convention (probably similar to BlizzCon) was teased, which will likely pay off in the fifth season.
“The convention based story line will allow us to take these characters further out into the unknown (meaning away from their computers), which will be new to us as well on the production side," continued Becker. "I look forward to personally exploring this new environment as well as seeing the characters interact in it. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and by fun I mean extremely hard work.”

“Every season has had a different style and sensibility. That has been on purpose,” said Day. “We’re always exploring different aspects of our characters. This season will be no different!”

Day also added that fans should “expect more characters, more color more…fast quips! I’m not sure, let me write the season first.”