EPISODES 1.06 ‘Episode 6’

Matt LeBlanc and Beverly take a sharp turn while Sean tries to salvage their show.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

EPISODES 1.06 'Episode 6'

Episode Tite: "Episode 6"

Writers: David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik

Director: James Griffiths

Previously on "Episodes":

Matt LeBlanc arranged for Sean Lincoln (Stephen Mangan) to attend a charity event with his co-star Morning Randolph (Mircea Monroe) in a bid to get Sean some play with Morning. Although Sean was tempted, he ultimately refused the invitation. Meanwhile, Sean’s wife Beverly Lincoln (Tamsin Greig) was close to melting down on the set of "Pucks," and she only calmed down when network executive Carol Rance (Kathleen Rose Perkins) lent her an ear and a joint for her troubles. Although Carol was more interested in talking about her own dysfunctional relationship with Merc Lapidus (John Pankow), her boss at the network.

When Sean arrived home, he told his wife that he had been tempted by Morning but ultimately choose her. However, she was unmoved by his confession and they went to bed mad at each other. During the night, Sean got up to find Morning’s sex video online and pleasured himself to it. Unfortunately, Beverly silently caught him in the act.


The next day, Beverly glares at Morning and Matt from across the room, only half jokingly trying to kill them with her mind. Carol arrives and tells them that they need to meet Merc tomorrow for lunch because he’s fallen out of love with the show and needs to be convinced to keep it alive. At home the next day, Morning arrives early in the day hoping to speak with Beverly and clear the air between them. Sean adamantly stops her and admits that he told his wife that he was tempted to cheat on her. Morning acts as if all of her flirting with Sean wasn’t actually significant, which visibly unnerves him. Regardless, he sends her on her way and they part with a hug… which is witnessed by Beverly.

Now coming full circle with the pilot episode, Beverly begins packing a bag to leave Los Angeles. Sean tries to stop her, but she accuses him of sneaking around with Morning and admits that she saw him with Morning’s sex tape a few nights ago. Flabbergasted, Sean is momentarily distracted by the Gardener, allowing Beverly to drive off… on the wrong side of the road. She ends up in a near head-on collision with Matt. At first Matt seems concerned for her well being, but when he sees that she’s uninjured he lays into her for her driving. After more awkward moments in which he lies to Sean about having seen Beverly, he takes her back to his place to treat a cut on her head.

Sean leaves numerous messages for Beverly, which he assumes that she is ignoring. But he makes his lunch meeting with Merc, who teases Sean about sleeping with Morning. In a quick flashback, we see that Carol told Merc about Sean and Morning just to get him to keep his appointment with him. When Merc’s blind wife shows up at the outdoor restaurant, he takes pleasure in the fact that she won’t know he’s there. He tells Sean that marriage is sacred and he shouldn’t let it go despite the fact that he’s having an affair with Carol and he won’t even say hello to his wife.

At Matt’s place, Beverly is taken aback by how tasteful his home is. After sharing drinks, she explains that "Pucks" is in danger and Matt can’t understand why anyone would think that it’s bad. In great detail, Beverly lays out how her well written show was turned into a mediocre sitcom by every move Matt made. They eventually bond over their respective situations. She also comes to realize that Matt had a hand in setting up Sean and Morning. She attacks him with weak slaps until he holds her down. Beverly is then shocked by the apparent "partial" erection Matt has. He leans in to kiss her and she tells him to stop… before kissing him more vigorously.  

I’m not completely shocked that Beverly and Matt got together. I just figured that Sean and Morning would get there first.

I really liked this episode, but I have some mixed feelings about it; particularly about the ending between Beverly and Matt. I don’t object to the idea of seeing them together even in a one time tryst, but there wasn’t really enough movement in this episode to bring their relationship to that point. It just wasn’t a believable twist, when it could have been if it had been set up more effectively. We’ve already seen her stare at his crotch before, and it seemed like she was attracted to him. But he really stabbed her in the back a couple of episodes ago when their relationship had thawed and he immediately went back to treating her like dirt.

On the other hand, Beverly’s verbal beatdown on Matt was really well written. A lot of Matt’s antics this season were worth it just to see him get a taste of what he put the Lincolns through. It was kind of a defining moment for the series and more of the British style humor that I enjoy in this show.

It was obvious we were eventually going to catch up with the timeline of the pilot, but it was a nice surprise that it wasn’t the final episode of the season. I still don’t see how this show can go beyond these seven episodes, but next week’s season finale should let us know if its an ending, or if Sean and Beverly have another season or so in them. I’m not very invested in their relationship together, as most of their scenes have descended into whining sessions for Beverly. And that’s not fun to watch.

John Pankow’s Merc has been amazingly funny for such a dickish character. His sheer joy about avoiding his wife moments after speaking highly of her was very amusing. I also love the way he constantly forgets about "Pucks" and wants to get Matt on a different show about a con man that has his attention at the moment. He’s not a real bad guy as much as he’s childishly immoral. The one character on the show that I like without reservation is Carol, who has occasional moments of honesty amidst the lies of network TV. She even makes sure Merc keeps his meeting while screwing him at the same time. Now, that’s dedication!

With only one episode of "Episodes" left in the season, it’s not clear where the writers are going. But it’s been a fun ride so far.

Crave Online Rating: 8.5 out of 10.