Brian Wilson Talks MLB 2K11 on Lopez Tonight

But really, watch Wilson talk about seamen and The Machine.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Brian Wilson Talks MLB 2K11 on Lopez Tonight

Brian Wilson is a character, which makes him the perfect spokesperson for the suffering MLB 2K11 series. He gets people talking, but more importantly, he gets them laughing. For instance, take Wilson’s appearance last night on Lopez Tonight. Wilson manages to get me slightly more interested in MLB 2K11 without really talking about the game at all. Instead, Wilson spends roughly half of the six minute interview talking about seamen, The Machine and dry humping (in baseball terminology). It’s classic.

But when the conversation does finally turn to MLB 2K11, Wilson gets a chance to premiere on national television a short clip from one of the digital shorts he directed. Maybe this will finally be the large-scale catalyst that brings the Zack Morris phone back in style. Fingers crossed.

To see Brian Wilson on Lopez Tonight, check out the video below. It’s comedy gold. Promise.

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