‘Superman’ Seeks Kevin Costner

Oscar-winning star up for 'key role' in 'Superman: The Man of Steel.' Hmm... Lois Lane hasn't been cast yet...

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Superman' Seeks Kevin Costner

The industry’s really been focusing on all this Superman casting, hasn’t it? Even the slightest hint that some actor, any actor is being considered for a part in the upcoming reboot gets its own headline. But damn it, Superman’s important to us: as an industry and as a culture. He’s a unique figure that provides hope for human nature, even in non-humans. So it’s fitting that the star of the uplifting Americana masterpiece Field of Dreams is being eyed for a significant part in the upcoming film. At least, that’s what Deadline is reporting.

Deadline has been informed that there is ‘heightened interest’ in the Dances with Wolves star to play a significant role in the upcoming film. Which role has yet to be determined, but given his caliber there aren’t many age appropriate roles that would suit him. He’d make an odd choice for Lex Luthor, an even odder choice for General Zod, but Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White and of course Superman’s adopted father Jonathan Kent are fairly likely. Like the rest of the internet, CraveOnline presumes that Costner’s tendency to star in films that portray him majestically staring out at Midwestern plains makes him a far more likely candidate to play a noble Kansas farmer as opposed to a fast-talking newspaper man.

Or hey, maybe after Waterworld Warner Bros. thinks he’d be the perfect Aquaman. Yeah… Maybe not.

CraveOnline will be back with more Superman: Man of Steel casting as it ups, ups and aways.