Nintendo Recommends Breaks from 3DS Every 30 Minutes


Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Nintendo Recommends Breaks from 3DS Every 30 Minutes

The 3D on the 3DS won’t kill you. Probably. But, apprently, it could potentially damange your retina growth… given the fact that your a six year old child. That potential damage has not been confirmed entirely by medical professionals. As VG247 tells the world, use the parental controls to limit your child’s use of the 3D portion of the device.

For everyone else? Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that Nintendo is recommending gamers take breaks from their handheld system every 30 minutes. Users may suffer dizziness, motion sickness and general eye fatigue.

My time with the system was limited to about an hour of use with 2 minute breaks roughly every 10 minutes. This was during a booth tour at E3 of 2010. The booth was well lit and I was constantly interrupted. I didn’t notice much in the way of fatigue. Perhaps the frequent, albiet brief, breaks did me some good.

But, honeslty, when you’re playing your portable, do you tend to just stare into it constantly during sessions? I don’t. I’m looking around and talking with others while I’m playing.

The jury’s still out here, but you should probably take breaks if you’re about to throw up.