Sony Requests First Party Devs to Use 3D and Move

Gotta sell it somehow...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Sony Requests First Party Devs to Use 3D and Move

Sure, it makes sense. Sony needs to find a way to make their fancy motion and display tech more appealing to gamers. They need top tier titles available for their Move controller and 3D capabilities. Look towards Killzone 3 as recent proof of that point.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Sony’s admitted to requesting their in-house developers to integrate both Move and 3D tech.

PlayStation Software Senior Brand Manager Scott McCarthy spoke with Industry Gamers about the deal.

“Whenever we come out with new technology…whether it’s Move or 3D, there is always the request that goes out to the teams that says, ‘Hey it would be great if you could implement it…’

…We know that adds to the layer of not only the marketing message we have access to but it also adds to the availability of different Sony channels that we can broadcast our message out to…"

Gamers need options. And the only way to sell impressive peripherals and new tech is to present the market with a reason to purchase it beyond the initial nature. 3D gaming is new, sure, but motion-based gaming is not.

Quite frankly, the Move is a little too similar to the Wii. Consumers have seen it done before, the wow-factor is gone. So Sony needs top tier games made by their in-house developers to include Move tech.

They need to get consumers pumped up.