What’s Happening On the Web This Week – #6

The latest and greatest from the Web. Until its old news. So um... read fast!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

What's Happening On the Web This Week - #6

Sad news kiddos! Your regular web-tsar Asterios Kokkinos is sick in bed. He’s so sick he can’t even surf the web. So it falls to your humble editor to feed your addiction to random fun web poop. So while the Oscars were happening, and people were judging dresses and all that, so too was the web churning out these little gems! So here follows a list of the web’s “best dressed” for this week (if that made any sense at all).


Middle Earth Sample Song



The undisputed master of making music out of movie samples is POGO, and he’s done it again with this Lord Of The Rings mashup. If you haven’t heard POGO, you’re welcome! YOU SHALL NOT PASS on further POGO offerings! (get it?)


List of Technology Necessary to Build Holodeck



The folks at DVICE have put together a list of what it will take to make your own holodeck at home. A lot of this technology looks like it’s close to realization. So the obvious question is: who wants the throw in some money on a timeshare holodeck?





The folks at Geekologie.com (who have apparently invented the word “Sessy”) show us the latest way multi-national conglomerates are turning us into mindless advertising drones. Thank god I look horrible in shorts.


FRINGE 80’s Credits are BACK!



This last week’s FRINGE was back in 1985 so we were treated to another round of the famous (and charming) 80’s credits. I can’t wait for the FRINGE episode set in the 60’s. Who wants to make me some 60’s FRINGE credits? Pretty please!


Bacteria create Diesel Fuel!



According to scientists these bacteria can take sunlight, water, and CO2 and create Diesel fuel. This is at $30 a barrel btw. So let’s start a betting pool, who says the big oil companies will make this disappear, and who says the bacteria will gain sentience and take over the world? I have big oil kills scientists for $30.


Fillion to buy FIREFLY? (with your help)



Our friends at the TheNerdyBird.com brought this to our attention. Care to help Nathan Fillion buy Firefly? It might be happening. Let’s get this show back on the air! Most “out of the box” way to help out that I can think of is to watch more Castle. If he has a job he has money to spare? Right!


That’s it! Send the good vibes toward Asterios and keep reading CraveOnline.com for more of the best of the web of the moment! Tweet me if you have suggestions care of @SaxCarr !