Panasonic Halts Portable MMO Device Development

The Jungle is as good as kaput.

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Panasonic Halts Portable MMO Device Development

The Panasonic Jungle is as good as dead, according to a report from Reuters. The Jungle was going to be a portable MMO device that featured a good roster of developers and, specifically, Battlestar Galactica‘s MMO.

We discussed this device back in October of last year on our weekly news show, Next Gen News. At that time, we were comparing it to the N-Gage, citing it as a device destined to fail and one that was being released in a market that would immediately reject it. It seems Panasonic has decided to halt development of this portable MMO device for some of the same reasons.

As Reuters has it from a statement by the company itself, "Panasonic decided to suspend further development due to changes in the market and in our own strategic direction."

While we’d never want to wish ill will upon any company looking to break into the gaming hardware manufacturing competition, the decision to forgo the Jungle is absolutely a good one. Barring the fact that the device didn’t really garner the kind of support it needed, the gaming marketplace itself is not in need of an MMO portable.

Talking to Mike White, our PC and MMO gaming guy, about the device proved to cull up a single, defining response regarding the Jungle. When asked about the potential relevance and usefulness of the device as a way to raid on the go, Mike had this to say:

"Just use a fucking laptop."

Yes. Just.