Unstoppable Athlete

One Athlete. 30 Sports. 30 Cities. 30 Days...Follow the Journey

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Unstoppable Athlete

The EAS Unstoppable Tour is a documentary that follows the incredible pursuits of an ultra athlete as he attempts to complete and excel at 30 sports, in 30 days in 30 cities.  The unstoppable athlete is former naval officer, Lieutenant Commander Sam Tickle. Revealed to Sam daily, the sports he must tackle are challenging and unique activities with surprise twists. From dramatic swims in open Atlantic waters, to desert rock climbing, rugby competitions and more, Sam will draw on every bit of his military training to achieve his mission.



The tour showcases how EAS and proper sports nutrition can fuel the journey to personal best and aims to inspire people to stay active and be unstoppable in the pursuit of their fitness goals. EAS traveled cross country with Sam to raise awareness for sports nutrition and to inspire people to be unstoppable in the pursuit of their fitness goals. During the month of March, which is National Nutrition Month, EAS will also feature Sam’s daily nutrition plan. The plan, designed by elite training center Athlete’s PerformanceTM, features balanced nutrition and the latest science-based sports nutrition products from EAS

The tour officially launched on March 1, will be releasing 30 videos over the course of the month. In this HD teaser video, Lieutenant Commander Tickle wets our appetite for his incredible 30 day journey.  Catch all 30 videos on the EAS Facebook page.