A Riveting ‘Iron Man 3’ Update from Director Shane Black

Black reveals new direction for his la(te)st action hero.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

A Riveting 'Iron Man 3' Update from Director Shane Black

Now that Shane Black’s on board to direct Iron Man 3, there’s just one thing we want to know: everything. Is the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang filmmaker writing the screenplay? Who are the villains this time out? What are the secrets of the pyramids, and will there be more juicy Marvel cameos? AintItCool’s report from the Omaha Film Festival, where the Lethal Weapon scribe was a panelist, sheds light on these questions, except for the pyramids thing. That was just us being stupid.

In what can only be called unofficial statements, so get those grains of salt handy, AintItCool is reporting that the former highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood (earning $4 million for his screenplay to The Long Kiss Goodnight) has stated that he is writing the screenplay to Iron Man 3, and that Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., is also contributing to the story. While he kept mum about who the villain will be, he did indicate that the film Iron Man 3 won’t be about two guys in power armor beating the hell from each other, taking on a ‘Tom Clancy’-ish approach with more ‘real world villains.’ Hmm… Maybe Garry Shandling’s got a bigger role next time.

Most interesting of all, Black also reportedly revealed that the upcoming sequel will not feature any cameos from The Avengers, or possibly any other Marvel superheroes, in an apparent reversal of Marvel’s attempts to connect every one of their major franchises. ‘The plan,’ according to the report at AintItCool, ‘is to go back to self-contained single-character stories.’ 

We’re thoroughly in support of Shane Black writing the screenplay to Iron Man 3, and honestly we’re also looking forward to a more dramatic thriller of greater consequence than the "Gee, Power Armor Is Cool" plot line from Iron Man 2. Iron Man’s got plenty of villains who could be adapted to a more serious mold, from The Mandarin to AIM, although we’d like to see some fighting in the movie at some point. (Come on, Fin Fang Foom…) Many are also likely to rejoice in the apparent revelation that Iron Man 3 will be self-contained once more, but it’s still very early in the production process and even if Black’s statements do accurately convey Marvel’s current take on future superhero cameos the final decision is likely to be made after Thor, Captain America and The Avengers hit theaters. If they break the bank we anticipate some serious backtracking on the issue. If not, we’re more likely to believe that Iron Man really will go it alone next time.

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