Whats Happening On the Web This Week – Ladies Edition!

LADIES EDITION... for the Ladies!

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Whats Happening On the Web This Week - Ladies Edition!

Yeah, here’s a links list especially for the ladies! Men, if you derive any sort of pleasure from the following fun internet links, consider yourself feminine! See, that’s how an idiot would write his intro.

Cartoonist Kate Beaton Draws What Little She Know About Doctor Who


Kate Beaton, of the webcomic “Hark, A Vagrant” has never seen an episode of Doctor Who. But that won’t stop her from drawing what she assumes it looks like! (you’ll have to click on the link, we’re not spoiling anything)

Clarissa Explains It All Sequel Pilot, “Clarissa Now”

CBS commissioned a sequel pilot to Clarissa Explains It All, which never got picked up. I blame one man – Fergusen!
The Geopolitics of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Carmen Sandiego’s one of the coolest criminals there is. Know anyone else capable of stealing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the Mason-Dickson Line? And that last thing she stole isn’t even a thing you can hold, she stole a geographical concept! <3
This Is Not Porn


Tired of porn? Well, this is not porn!

DC Comics Charm Bracelets


Look I’ll wear these charm bracelets – I’m not above it. Somebody buy this for me.

That’s all HE wrote! Remember – be cool!