FOX Pushes ‘Terra Nova’ Premiere Back To The Fall

The highly anticipated sci-fi series will finally debut in the fall.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

FOX Pushes 'Terra Nova' Premiere Back To The Fall

For those of you who were eagerly anticipating the premiere of "Terra Nova" in two months, you’re going to have to wait.

Fox has announced that the two hour pilot of "Terra Nova" has been delayed to the fall, where it will now kick off the weekly run of the series.

"’Terra Nova’ is one of the most ambitious television series ever produced," said Fox President of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly. "The cutting-edge visual effects used to create the world of ‘Terra Nova,’ which is of massive scope and scale, require more time to be realized. This aspect of the series is essential, so we are pushing back the special early preview date to give the visual effects team the time needed for their ground-breaking work."

"The world of ‘Terra Nova’ is visually stunning on multiple levels, and effects play an enormous part," added René Echevarria, one of the executive producers on the series. "Premiering in the fall will give us the proper time to create a world never before seen on television."

The series follows Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara), his wife Elizabeth (Shelley Conn) and their children Josh (Landon Liboiron), Maddy (Naomi Scott) and Zoe (Alana Mansour) as they escape an apocalyptic future by traveling to Earth’s prehistoric past. Steven Lang ("Avatar") co-stars as Nathaniel Taylor, the Commander of the Terra Nova settlement, along with Allison Miller, Mido Hamada and Christine Adams.

This isn’t the first time "Terra Nova" has been pushed back. The series was originally intended to be a midseason show this year, before the network decided to use the "Glee" strategy and show the pilot in May and use that momentum to promote the show during the summer ahead of its fall premiere. The pilot episode is also rumored to be among the most expensive in television history.

"Creating a new television show is like giving birth to a child, and this just happened to be a really, really big baby," "Terra Nova" showrunner Brannon Braga told Blastr. "It was trying to get the script right, where were we going to shoot it, casting… doing all those things at the same time on a show with this ambitious magnitude, and then we ended up shooting it across the globe. It was a challenge, but a fun challenge."

"Did I think I’d end up in the jungles of Queensland, Australia, with a giant horsefly biting me in the neck? No," continued Braga. "Did I think it would become as ambitious and big a show as when the script first came my way? It was just difficult to imagine what a huge, magnificent journey it would be to bring it to the screen. It feels like we’re making an epic, and we are. It is just … I didn’t think I would be involved in something quite this scale, and that has been terribly exciting."


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