Marvel Unveils The Dark Angel Saga in X-Force

The former Horseman of Apocalypse goes down a dark path in MMXi - The Year of The X-Men.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Unveils The Dark Angel Saga in X-Force

A few weeks back, Archangel was noticeably absent from the Uncanny X-Force teaser from MMXI – The Year of The X-Men, which pit the team against the X-Men from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. And now there’s a significant hint as to why the former Angel isn’t with his comrades…

Marvel has released a teaser image for The Dark Angel Saga, which will kick off in May’s Uncanny X-Force #10. The picture appears to feature an almost feral Archangel violently grabbing his unconscious human self.

The name of the storyline and the imagery is somewhat evocative of The Dark Phoenix Saga that chronicled the fall of Jean Grey and her eventual demise… years before it was revealed that Phoenix wasn’t really Jean. Although, that’s less clear these days.

Archangel has his own history of falling prey to evil. Back in the late ’80s, Angel’s wings were crippled and later amputated, allowing Apocalypse to swoop in an give him new metallic wings and brainwash him into becoming Death, his fourth Horseman. Years later, Archangel regained his feather wings and most of his humanity before his Archangel powers were restored in the previous X-Force series.

Beyond the teaser, Marvel has not released any additional information about this storyline. However, it did indicate that answers will be forthcoming at the C2E2 convention this Friday during the Marvel: Welcome To The X-Men panel.

Crave Online will be reporting from the convention and will post the latest news from the show as it happens!


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