Voltron Lives Again At Dynamite

Dynamite picks up the comic rights for the classic series, Viz gets the kids and... I'll form the head!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Voltron Lives Again At Dynamite

For the last couple of years, revivals of ’80s cartoon series have been all the rage. And now, it’s Voltron’s turn!

ICv2 is reporting that Dynamic Forces — the parent company of Dynamite Entertainment — has picked up the comic book rights for Voltron. Apparently, Dynamite outbid Moonstone in the competition, but Moonstone will also be publishing a Voltron coffee table art book as part of a separate agreement.

The news is currently unconfirmed from Dynamite, but Voltron owners Classic Media and World Event Productions announced it through a press release. This is the latest move in a broader plan to bring Voltron back to prominence. A new "Voltron Force" animated series is set to debut on Nicktoons later this year. And Classic Media has given the "Voltron Force" comic rights to Viz Media in a bid to reach younger readers.

Presumably, Dynamite’s take on Voltron will be aimed at older readers. Nor will this be the first time that Voltron has come to comics. Devil’s Due Publishing acquired the license back in 2002 and sporadically released a miniseries and a Voltron ongoing series that ran for 11 issues. The Voltron comic was last published in 2008.

Thus far, there are no creators known to be attached to Voltron revival at Dynamite, but that might change at this week’s C2E2 in Chicago. Crave Online will be there on the show floor updating the news as it happens. So be sure to check back later this week!


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