Dark Sky Hatches ‘Hatchet 3’

Victor Crowley, what went down in your head? Oh, Victor Crowley, did you talk to the dead? Oh wait, YOU'RE dead...? Wow. This is awkward.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Dark Sky Hatches 'Hatchet 3'

Five months after Hatchet 2 became the first horror film in over 30 years to get an unrated theatrical release (and then promptly yanked from theaters because of it), Dark Sky has announced that the flick was successful enough on DVD and Video On Demand to warrant another sequel. The sequel will again find the undead Victor Crowley doing what he does best: killing people in ridonkulous ways, and not much else we suspect. Shock Till You Drop broke the news.

The story details are still under wraps, but writer/director Adam Green (creator of the Hatchet franchise and director of Frozen) has apparently had a third film in mind all along: "We already had a possible storyline for Hatchet 3 worked out before we began shooting Hatchet 2, so my cast, crew and I are beyond excited to see that the story and legacy of Victor Crowley will indeed continue." Hatchet 2 did a fine job of expanding on the relatively plotless original film, adding… well, plot. This critic wasn’t a particular fan of the original film but loved Green’s follow-up, so this is probably reason to rejoice. Although after the box office failure of Hatchet 2 we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Hatchet 3 will eventually go straight-to-video instead.

Despite Green’s excitement, neither he nor the cast have officially signed up for Hatchet 3, but we’d be super-surprised if Green isn’t involved from the ground up. It’s his baby, after all, even if it is homicidal and grotesquely deformed.

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