TNT Renews ‘Southland’ and Greenlights ‘Perception’

'Will & Grace' star Eric McCormack will return to TV as TNT adds some additional punch to their drama lineup.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

TNT Renews 'Southland' and Greenlights 'Perception'

After a strong third season, the cops of "Southland" will take another bow.

TNT has officially announced the renewal of "Southland" for a fourth season of ten episodes. During the third season, the series averaged nearly 3 million viewers per episode.

“’Southland’ has been acknowledged by many critics as one of the sharpest, most entertaining and most authentic dramas on television today,” said Turner Executive Vice President of Programming, Michael Wright. “John Wells, Chris Chulack and their teams created a brilliant roller coaster ride this season, with countless riveting scenes and unforgettable character arcs. We are extremely proud to have ‘Southland’ on TNT and to bring it back for a fourth season.”

During the third season of "Southland," Detective Sammy Bryant (Shawn Hatosy) lost his partner in the line of duty, Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) was briefly suspended over leaked crime scene photos before being caught dating the son of her partner. Meanwhile, Officer Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) finally finished his probation period and helped his partner and senior officer,  John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) face his crippling pain killer addiction.

Back in November, TNT signed Eric McCormack ("Will & Grace") to star in a pilot called "Perception," which has now been ordered to series by TNT. McCormack will portray Dr. Geoffrey Pierce, a brilliant and slightly eccentric neuroscientist hired by the government to solve particularly perplexing cases/ Rachael Leigh Cook ("She’s All That") plays Pierce’s former student turned FBI agent, Kate Rossi. Arjay Smith ("The Day After Tomorrow") and Kelly Rowan ("The O.C.") also co-star in the project.

“When we saw the pilot for ‘Perception,’ it confirmed what we thought from the first pitch: It’s a perfect fit for TNT’s original series lineup,” added Wright. “With its blend of intensity, emotion, humor, smart storytelling, sharp direction and a buzz-worthy performance from Eric McCormack, ‘Perception’ is a hugely entertaining show we believe TNT viewers will love.”

Although a premiere date for "Perception" was not announced, the first season will consist of ten episodes.