New Battlefield 3 Vid Teaches You Bomb Defusal

New episode of Fault Line shows us melee combat and bomb defusing.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

New Battlefield 3 Vid Teaches You Bomb Defusal

EA Games and DICE have released the third chapter in their Battlefield 3 “Fault Line” series. This episode focuses on the game’s melee combat and defusing an IED. The melee mechanics of BF3 look to incorporate separate button presses (our mouse clicks as seen in this trailer) for each limp of the body, giving you a full range of close quarter tactics to throw at your enemy. 

What’s even cooler than the gameplay of this latest trailer is that at the very end we are teased with an incoming 12-minute reveal dropping mid-April. Keep it coming DICE!

But until that happens, enjoy this episode of Fault Line, entitled “Get That Wire Cut.”


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