Tennessee Titans Done With Vince Young!

Titans announced that Young will be traded or cut by next season.

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Tennessee Titans Done With Vince Young!

Well, it’s as official as official can get without actually it actually happening yet, Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans are getting a divorce. In a statement released Wednesday night by Tennessee, the Titans made it very clear that Vince Young was not their quarterback of the future and that he will not be on their roster come next season.

 "We have two critical decisions to make, the direction of the coaching staff and the future at the quarterback position. They are separate issues to me and will be dealt with separately," Titans owner Bud Adams said.

This move comes as somewhat of a surprise for people following the drama surrounding Vince Young and Titans coach Jeff Fisher because Adams has been very adamant in his support of Young as their franchise quarterback.  It’s clear, though, that after careful consideration, the growing pile of questions over Young’s work ethic, leadership and injuries was just too much for Adams to overlook, especially when you are talking about the face of the franchise.

"These kinds of decisions are never easy and this is especially true for this particular player. I certainly wish that things would have worked out better, but I think it is best for the franchise that we move on at this point," Adams said.

As a starter, the 27 year old Vince Young compiled a deceptive 30-17 record in his 5 NFL season, deceptive because the majority of those wins came against teams below .500. He has a record of 13-14 against teams with a winning record. When talking to reporters yesterday, Young was poised and very humble in his responses but still couldn’t help but take a small jab at his former coach.

"Things happen for a reason. I tried my best to win a Super Bowl for them. I tried my hardest, I really did,” Young said, according to The Tennessean. "I just wish coach Fisher would have trusted me a little bit more. That was the only issue there.
"I like Jeff Fisher as a person, as a coach and everything. I just didn’t feel like he trusted me," Young added, according to The Tennessean. "In the five years I was there … I feel like he was continuing to treat me like I was a young man when I’d really grown up a whole lot. I just didn’t feel like I had the trust and the love that any other quarterback around the league had. I was always looking over my shoulder. I didn’t feel like I was his guy the whole way.”
The final act of immaturity that doomed Young with the Titans came when he suffered a season ending thumb injury back on November 21st. Frustrated with the injury and not being able to return to the game, Young threw his shoulder pads into the stands and later told off Fisher in front of the locker room before storming off in true diva fashion.

"I didn’t want to say something more than I didn’t need to say so I got up out of there," he said in regards to that incident, according to The Tennessean. "Yeah, I could have handled it better. I left and ever since I just needed to pray and be to myself. That’s why I’ve just sat back and ever since I’ve let everyone have their say about everything, but I know the truth."

The next order of business for the Titans is what they are going to do with Jeff Fisher who is entering the final season of his contract. Fisher had previously implied that it was either he or Vince Young that was going to be on the team on 2011, not both, so with the release of Young, the door is open for a possible extension for the 16 yr Tennessee coach.

"Talks have been ongoing.” Fisher said during his weekly radio show Tuesday. “As I said yesterday, it’s a process. It’s a complicated process, and there’s a lot of moving parts. We’re all trusting that collectively we’ll arrive at the best decision."