The Sports Cynic: NBA versus NCAA

There are endless opinions, but my opinion is the only one that matters.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The Sports Cynic: NBA versus NCAA

There is no question that the NBA is comprised of the most elite basketball players in the world.  They are the gods of the sport.  Flying through the air, perching from the rim after a huge slam dunk, blah blah blah blah blah.  Lame.  Sure, if you want to watch a highlight reel starring a group of outstanding players who do not seem to care about anything until the NCAA is done in March, then a steady diet of NBA basketball is just what The Cynic ordered. 

Look at that smooth transition into my discussion about the NCAA…  I will take a college basketball game over an NBA game any day of the week.  Especially Monday through Sunday.  No question.  College basketball players always lay it all on the line.  It does not matter how strong or weak the team is, every game is a battle for pride.  This battle for pride is not only seen in the players, but also in the fans.  NBA fans fall asleep for the first three quarters of the basketball game unless its Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  And if its not a close game they will still take a nap, only to wake up just in time to leave the stadium and flip over squad cars while they vandalize their beautiful city.  There are too many college games where the winning city looks like a third world country the next morning.  Any time I see the morning after destruction in the winning city, I catch myself waiting to see an old man walk into frame and try to convince me to donate a dollar a day to send some kids to school and give them a bowl of rice.

I apologize for going on a bit of a rant about the NBA, but I am getting tired of every sports anchor obsessing over the boring sport of NBA basketball and acting like the NCAA does not have "enough" talented teams to watch. 

My last point; the reason why the talent level in college basketball as gone down over the last 5 years.  The stupid "one year" rule that was instated by the NCAA.  What were they thinking?  Did they all get together and decide they never wanted to have an elite talent play in the world of collegiate basketball ever again?  It feels like that is what happened.  All the big players are one and done like a 20 year old idiot who takes a summer trip to Amsterdam and "enjoys" every girl he sees.  It is pathetic. 

Bottom line, college basketball is more entertaining in my book.  Think what you want, but if you want to be right, you should probably think like me. 

Until next time, good luck figuring things out on your own.