Beenox Developing More Spider-Man Games

Activision has announced that the Quebec studio will be spearheading the creation of future Spidey titles.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Beenox Developing More Spider-Man Games

While Beenox’s developed Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions wasn’t perfect, it was a huge step in the right direction to restore the web-slinger back to gaming glory. Activision has taken notice, announcing today that Beenox will become their go-to studio with all future Spider-Man games, leading the charge for the character in the digital realm, much like Treyarch will be doing for the Call of Duty franchise.

"Beenox’s creative vision reinvigorated the Spider-Man gaming experience among critics and fans in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," said Patrick Kelly, Senior Vice President, Activision Studios.  "We can’t wait to see where this talented studio will take this franchise in the future."

"We are thrilled with this opportunity to continue our close, collaborative relationship with Activision, Marvel and everyone’s friendly, neighborhood hero, Spider-Man," said Dee Brown, Studio Head, Beenox.  "Being able to map out Spider-Man’s interactive future gives us the creative freedom to really craft the best gaming experience for the fans."

So Beenox, if you’re listening, make your next Spider-Man game with more mission objective diversity and we will love you forever. Thanks!

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