Athlete of the Week: Marshawn Lynch

Lynch runs his way into our first athlete of the week.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Athlete of the Week: Marshawn Lynch

Welcome to our inaugural edition of Athlete of the Week where we, meaning me, will pick one athlete who stands out above the rest between the hashes, so to speak. In this case, the hash marks we are staying between when determining eligibility for this prestigious acknowledgment is the time between Thursdays and the following Wednesday. Not your traditional week but hey, they all end in y so it’s all good.

The first choice for our new weekly segment is Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch ran for 131 yards and a touchdown for the, to put it mildly, underdog Seahawks against the defending champion New Orleans Saints. Seattle won 41-36 mainly thanks to a wild 67 yard run by Lynch that literally shook the Earth and dashed any hopes of a Saints comeback.

 "I had a lot of help.” Lynch said of the run. “There was about four or five blue jerseys in front of me. Matt (Hasselbeck) and Sean (Locklear) was right there behind me. They built a wall, kind of like a force field around me to make sure nobody took me down. I’m thankful those guys were around me to help me get in there."

Lynch busted loose on "Power 17," a play designed to run behind the left side of the Seahawks’ offensive line. He rumbled, stumbled and didn’t fumble his way the whole 67 yards; blasting, plowing and stiff arming his way through most of the Saints defense in what will be forever remembered as one of the greatest runs in playoff history and one of, if not the most, exciting play in Seahawks history.

"That was the most unbelievable, unrealistic play I’ve ever seen in the history of football," Seattle linebacker Aaron Curry said. "It was just unreal. It seems just like a routine football play, then he takes it to another level."

Lynch and his Seahawks travel to Chicago this Sunday to face the second seeded Chicago Bears and are pumped up for another upset. If they get it, they will be playing for a shot at the SuperBowl and NFL history. There’s not many teams with a losing regular season record that gets a shot at the title. In fact, Seattle would be the first.

Just two more upsets to go.