Kevin Pearce’s Miraculous Road To Recovery

Pearce updates us on his progress and future plans at the third annual Winter Dew Tour.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Kevin Pearce's Miraculous Road To Recovery


Snowboarding prodigy and Frends crew member Kevin Pearce is a walking nucleus of inspiration in the world of snowboarding, having survived a brutally vicious crash in December of 2010 while preparing for the last Winter Olympics and defied all odds to overcome the massive injuries he suffered. 


A story of miraculous survival, determined perseverance and astonishing support from within the community unfolds as one recounts how Pearce, a triple-threat in superpipe, big air and quarterpipe contests and one of the very few riders to defeat legend Shaun White, crashed while training and hit his temple on the icy edge of the superpose as he finished a trick. The hit resulted in severe head trauma, and prospects were dim for several weeks as doctors tried to mend a man who, by all accounts, could easily have perished on the slopes.


Months later, several surgeries, physical therapy and tons of support from family, friends and fans, Pearce is a testament to determination. His balance and vision have returned considerably, and while he’s not quite ready to get back on a snowboard just yet, his physical therapy is helping him get closer to that goal each day..


Pearce was on hand in Breckenridge, Colorado for the kickoff of the third annual Winter Dew Tour, lending support to his Frends crew teammates and to cheer on the other competitors, many of whom were deeply inspired by the man’s presence. We got an opportunity to talk to Kevin while out in Breckenridge to get an idea of how recovery is coming, the awesome Dew Tour experience and what the future might hold for a man who radiates positivity and appreciation for having survived a tragedy that came far too close to taking his life, as well as the world of support he’s gotten from friends and family:

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