Dragon Age 2 Gets Pre-order Bonuses and The Black Emporium

Pre-ordering BioWare's upcoming sequel will net you a unique sword and shield.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Dragon Age 2 Gets Pre-order Bonuses and The Black Emporium

Those who’ve already pre-ordered, or plan to pre-order Dragon Age 2 will get two special weaponry bonuses: the Fadeshear long sword and the Lion of Orlais shield (seen above).

The Fadeshear will provide additional damage versus demons and the undead, while simultaneously improving leveling-up.

“The core of this blade is old, as old as the first smiths who sought a way to battle the nightmares from the land beyond. It has fought the demonic hosts in countless battles. Sometimes it has been held high in triumphant victory. Other times, it has lain broken besides its dying owner. But after every defeat it has always been reclaimed, reforged, and made stronger. Fadeshear has passed through many hands before yours. Now it is your turn to make the demons of the Fade pay for crossing the Veil into the waking world.”


Meanwhile, the Lion of Orlais shield give players two rune slots, a health addition and extra XP gain when equipped.

“At the height of the Summer War all of Orlais was embroiled in fierce battles. Over the course of the war dozens of contenders for the Imperial Throne emerged – most long forgotten except as footnotes in scholarly tomes. But everyone remembers the gallant young lord Emile Deveraux, “The Golden Prince.” Thought outnumbered at every turn, he racked victory upon victory culminating in the Seventh Battle of Roses. While wearing this shield he broke through his uncle’s vanguard to win the day. He never knew the taste of defeat, instead meeting his end at the hands of a jealous lover in the dead of night.”

mabari_warhoundEA Games and BioWare have also announced The Black Emporium within Kirkwall. It is at the Black Emporium that players can find the changing mirror of transformation (appearance adjuster) and a boatload of rare artifacts including a strange whistle that lets you summon your own mabari warhound. If only this whistle let you skip a whole world by hitching a ride on a wiley tornado. But a warhound isn’t bad either, we guess.

The Black Emporium will be available in all copies of Dragon Age 2 when it releases on March 8, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. 

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