Favre Takes Next Step to Retirement

Brett Favre files retirement papers with the NFL.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Favre Takes Next Step to Retirement

Cross your fingers boys and girls, it looks like we might have finally seen the last of Brett Favre in an NFL backfield and yes, that’s a good thing. I don’t say that as a rip on Favre, I’m actually a big fan of his, but there comes a time where enough is enough and this is the time. He has thrilled and chilled us through out the years and though those have changed somewhat to sneers and jeers, his legacy is cemented in the NFL as one of the greatest to play the game.

According to reports coming out of FoxSports.com , Favre has officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL, a possibly reversible next step in the road to retirement. I say reversible because just because you file the papers doesn’t mean you can’t come back. Brett did that back in 2008 and you see where that ended up. The thing is, however, that all indications lead towards the Vikings moving on and Favre actually staying away this time.

"I cannot think of any circumstance of where I would pick up the phone and say, ‘Brett, do you want to come back next season?’ " Leslie Frazier said earlier this month when he was elevated to full-time head coach. "I can’t think of any circumstance where that would occur."

So, is this the end of Favre?

I would say yes, as a quarterback, but I think we will still see him on Sundays in the years to come, only with a mic instead of a helmet. I can easily see Favre joining a pre-game show on one of the major nextworks. He would ad a Terry Bradshaw like ‘redneck charm’ to the show with his ‘good-ol-boy’, ‘aw-shucks’ western persona that audiences would eat up like chocolate cake. Just put him in his Wranglers and a Hanes pocket T and let him talk about some football.

It wouldn’t be the same as throwing the pads on and chucking the pigskin but I think it will fill the void that leaving the game is going to bring and it would do a lot to repair some of the damages to his image he has received in recent years. It’s a win-win in my book!

Whatever he does after he retires (if he does), I wish Favre the best and thank him for showing us what true passion for the game is. You can say almost anything you want about Brett, but what you can’t say is that he didn’t love the game because nobody puts their body through that much punishment without a huge fire within them to be the best. Nobody.

And that’s the legacy Favre leaves behind, his passion for the game, and it’s one that will be missed.