Robert Patrick To Star In Syfy’s ‘Red Faction’ Movie

Brian J. Smith and other sci-fi veterans bring the video game series to TV.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Robert Patrick To Star In Syfy's 'Red Faction' Movie

Ten years after the first "Red Faction" video game, the series is about to make the leap to television.

Syfy and THQ have announced that "Red Faction: Origins" will begin production in Bulgaria this week with a cast led by Brian J. Smith ("Stargate Universe") and genre legend Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2," "The X-Files").

"Red Faction: Origins" takes place twenty five years after the third game, "Red Faction Guerrilla" saw the Red Faction overthrow the Earth Defense Force and win freedom for the Martian Colonies. Patrick will portray the hero of "Red Faction Guerrilla," Alec Mason who has become a broken man since the murder of his wife and the abduction of his daughter Lyra (Tamzin Merchant).

During the story, Alec’s son, Jake (Smith) becomes an officer in the Red Faction Militia and learns that his sister survived her captivity and that she has become a sworn enemy of the Martian Colonies. Jake’s mission is to save his planet and his family, if he can.

Several other genre veterans have also signed on to appear in the film, including Kate Vernon ("Battlestar Galactica"),, Gareth David-Lloyd ("Torchwood") and Devon Graye ("Dexter") as well as Tamzin Merchant ("The Tudors") and Danielle Nicolet ("The Starter Wife").

Michael Nankin ("Battlestar Galactica") is attached to direct the film from a script by Andrew Kreisberg ("Warehouse 13").

According to Syfy, "Red Faction: Origins" is expected to debut on the channel in May to coincide with the release of "Red Faction: Armageddon" on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

If "Red Faction: Origins" attracts a large audience, it may lead to further "Red Faction" TV movies or possibly even a TV series.