‘Fringe’ May Run For Seven Seasons

Despite the move to Friday, excutive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.J. Abrams are optimistic about the show's future.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'Fringe' May Run For Seven Seasons

While Friday nights have traditionally become "Death Slots" for TV series on Fox, the creative team behind "Fringe" is still extremely optimistic that the show will stick around. In fact, there may even be at least four more seasons in the wings.

In an official interview from Fox (via our colleagues at TVOvermind), "Fringe" executive producer Jeff Pinkner said "We have pitched to the network our five, six and seven-year plan for this show… which has garnered more and more excitement. There’s no concern that the show’s being moved to Friday. It’s being moved to Friday because we all believe that that’s where the show can live for years and years."

And over at TV Guide, "Fringe" co-creator J.J. Abrams insisted that move to Fridays won’t mean the show will suddenly forget its sci-fi roots. But he did indicate that the story may not necessarily be as complex as it would have been if it hadn’t been shifted to the new night.

"It absolutely would [be more complicated] if we weren’t moving to Fridays," said Abrams. "Which is not to say things will be dumbed down. At its core, ‘Fringe’ is about "a woman who was experimented on when she was a kid … about a man who might not have come from here … about a father who is holding incredible secrets including those that mean war. These are things we talked about at the very beginning."

"To not embrace that means that we will fail on other people’s terms," continued Abrams. "So, if we’re going to fail, let’s go down doing the most badass, weirdest, interesting, sophisticated version of a series that we could possibly do."

"Fringe" will return tonight (Friday, January 21) with a new episode, guest starring Christopher Lloyd from "Back To The Future."