Keanu Reeves Teases ‘The Matrix 4 & 5’

If they're anything like the last two sequels, we'll just take our blue pills now thank you very much.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Keanu Reeves Teases 'The Matrix 4 & 5'

At a Q & A session for his upcoming film Henry’s Crime, Keanu Reeves revealed some new developments in the Matrix franchise. Apparently the Wachowski siblings – who wrote and directed the original trilogy – have put together a new two-picture treatment that would mark Neo’s fabled return. There were no direct quotes in the Ain’t It Cool article that broke the story, and frankly we’re skeptical about actors revealing movie development news after Kiefer Sutherland claimed that the 24 movie would film by the end of the year, when apparently that was just plain wishful thinking. Of course, even if this story is true then it’s still in the development phase and the sequels could be years away… if they get made at all.

Reeves was mum on the script details, but did reportedly claim that The Wachowski’s met with James Cameron to discuss whether or not to shoot The Matrix 4 & 5 in 3-D. (What, is Cameron the Dali Lama of Dimensions now?) He also expressed an ‘obligation’ to fans of the franchise to deliver a film worthy of the title of The Matrix, which is nice of him but also something we would have appreciated before he made The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

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