HAWAII FIVE-0 1.15 ‘Kai e e’

A secret resurfaces while investigating a Tsunami hoax that thrusts McGarrett and the team into the eye of the storm.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

HAWAII FIVE-0 1.15 'Kai e e'

Episode Title: "Kai e’ e"

Writers: Melissa Glenn and Jessica Rieder

Director: Duane Clark


After Dr. Norman Russell, the director of the Tsunami Warning Center, goes missing right before a massive wave is set to hit the island, the 5-0 team is on the case. The deputy director explains to Danny (Scott Caan) and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) that he’s unable to analyze the conflicting storm data without the help of Dr. Russell, who hasn’t been heard from since the night before. The team heads to Russell’s home where they find evidence of a kidnapping.

McGarrett gets a call from surf shop owner and friend of 5-0, Mamo (Al Harrington), who insists there’s no tsunami on the way. Danno jokingly suggests the whole thing is hoax to drive up the price of gasoline and water. McGarrett runs with the theory and puts a call into a close, personal friend on an aircraft carrier and learns that there’s a second, bogus signal transmitting false data on the tsunami. The team tracks the signal to a boat where McGarrett and Danny find the hacker who’s transmitting the signal. From emails sent to her account, they track the location of the man who hired her. 

The team finds Dr. Russell (John Sullivan) and the his captor, but the man flees with a gun, forcing McGarrett to shoot him dead. However, after running his prints, they learn that the kidnapper was in the Coast Guard at the time of the drug bust was made involving the twenty-eight million McGarrett borrowed from to save Chin-Ho’s life a while back. 

McGarrett’s decides to make the arrest, even though it will ultimately lead to the discovery of the ten million he used to save Chin-Ho. However when the governor calls him in, she only congratulates McGarrett. The twenty-eight million it seems, is all there, leaving the team to wonder who put the ten million back.


Kicking the episode off with the team getting a little R n’ R in was a nice touch. I’m a fan of all four 5-0ers and getting a peak into their personal lives every once in a while adds a little bit of flavor to the characters that sometimes feels missing.

While Danny chose to spend his downtime getting surf lessons from former pro Kono, McGarrett got a booty call straight off an aircraft carrier. Nice!  McGarrett may not be the relationship type but I’d like to think he’s got something going on and it’s fun to the see that other side of McG. 

The "tsunami hoax" premise was one of the more farfetched of the season but I don’t mind the reach. It gave the writers a chance to bring in more of the beautiful Hawaiian scenery and touch on a very real threat to the otherwise serene Hawaiian lifestyle we like to associate with the island. 

The action was a bit more subdued in this hour, though they did bring in the helicopters. And McGarrett’s boat hopping chase at the dock, which culminated in the hacker hottie getting whapped in the head with a sail courtesy of Danno, was a fun sequence.

But the highpoint of  "Kai e’ e," which means "Tidal Wave," was the potential surfacing of the team’s ten million dollar secret. Inevitably, the matter of the missing money would come around to bite the team and in particular, McGarrett, in the ass but I wasn’t expecting the payoff so soon. And it wasn’t. When he’s called in by the governor, McGarrett leans that the money is all there. How did it get there? Well, that’s a 5-0 case for another day and one I can’t wait to get to.

Crave Online Rating: 9.5 out of 10.