What’s Happening On The Web This Week! #2

A look at the coolest stuff on the web.

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

What's Happening On The Web This Week! #2


Seinfeld Recut To Make Jerry Evil

Seinfeld is still funny. All these years later. Why is this? Will this show just always be funny, forever? Do we get to be that lucky as people?

Rare: Chris Farley Picking Up Chicks At The Mall

Yeah, speaking of “still funny.” Watch how many laughs Chris Farley squeezes out of a really shitty show hosted by Tom Arnold.

LeVar Burton Takes Reading Rainbow To The Star Trek: TNG Set

I watched this episode of Reading Rainbow when it originally aired, and had not thought about it for a second until this moment. The Internet sez, “Remember the past? Good, here’s some dopamine!”

What 4chan’s /b/ Does To Flush Shitty Users


Encyclopedia Dramatica chronicles the insanity that is the internet’s core – sites like 4chan, Something Awful, YTMND, and Dramatica itself. Here’s a tale from the big book of lulz. 

OKCupid Essay On Female Attractiveness

OkCupid put together the hard data on how girls can present themselves as hotter online. Next essay: boys!

People Who Hold Single Letter Twitter Names, From A-Z 

Ever wonder who owned @A through @Z? The Atlantc Monthly tells us about the earliest of Twitter adopters.

Girl Talk vs Girl Talk (Mashup)

Finally. Girl Talk’s Night Ripper mashed up with Girl Talk’s All Day. Let the feast of a thousand hams begin!

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