5 Essential Travel Apps

Stop at the app store before you head out on that trip.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

5 Essential Travel Apps

Throughout the massive electronic inventory that is the Apple iPhone are true diamonds in the rough for travelers. How to navigate (no pun intended) through all of these apps? Here are 5 travel apps that any serious flyer needs to download.


Kayak App

Kayak is the consensus No. 1 pick from most travelers and one of the leading sites for flight and hotel search. With a super intuitive interface, the app has a My Trips feature that allows you to manage your trip by emailing your booking receipts to Kayak, which they use to create one itinerary for you.



Urbanspoon is the perfect replacement to bulky Lonely Planet and Frommer´s guides. With more than 10 million app downloads since its 2008 debut, this quirky app collects restaurant reviews from various publications (including online) and lets you find restaurants according to your location. It also provides recommended restaurants using a ¨Wheel of Fortune¨ style layout that randomly selects a restaurant for you based on location, type of restaurant, and price range.


World Customs & Cultures 

Ever wanted to known what the legal drinking age in Madrid is? What about where smoking is banned? No one wants to run into legal trouble on a business trip, which is where World Customs & Cultures comes in. This handy app gives information on 160 countries on everything from greeting styles to taboos.



FlyerStats is a nifty app for travelers looking to log the number of miles they´ve flown with mileage calculators. It allows you to enter airport codes and view your routes taken through interactive maps. You can even enter routes with multiple airport stops. Literally an essential app for the frequent flyer miles nitpick.



This app allows users to watch broadcasts of air traffic control tower radio transmissions and airport radio traffic, which offers better insight into what is causing your flight delays. You can get info from most domestic airports and some international airports and create a favorites list for quick access to airports most used. Make sure you have wifi access for real time radio traffic (Wifi connections are better for this app; 3G does not process its real-time info as well)