Dog Breaks Dead Space 2, Developer Replaces w/ Signed Copy

One lucky gamer gets an awesome gift from Visceral Games.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Dog Breaks Dead Space 2, Developer Replaces w/ Signed Copy

What do you get when you mix a dog, a broken Xbox 360, Twitter, and Dead Space 2? You get the most adorable, feel good story of the day. That’s what.

This heartwarming tale begins with gamer Ashley P. playing her new copy of Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360. However, it was short-lived, as her lovely dog knocked over the system causing severe scratches on the Dead Space 2 disc, rendering it completely unplayable.

So Ashley did was any reasonable rage-filled gamer would do: she went to the Twitter-verse to vent and tell her story of woe through a mismatch of words and F-bombs. Shortly thereafter, Ashley received a message from Visceral Games’ Art Director Ian Milham asking for her mailing address. Without hesitation, Ashley complied.

What arrived in her mailbox a few days later was a signed copy of Dead Space 2 by the entire development team, as well as a hand-drawn image of Isaac Clarke scolding Ashley’s clumsy pooch (both pictured above).

As expected, Ashley was pretty pumped about this awesome turn of events. She issued a thank you to Ian Milham and the rest of the Dead Space 2 team involved in the signing and took this adorable snapshot of her cute dog next to the newly-received art.  


In conclusion, the entire Dead Space 2 development team is awesome for doing this very kind gesture for a gamer in distress. It also shows that a group of people responsible for a game that sparks a “Your Mom Hates This” ad campaign really do have hearts and souls.

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