No Rest For The Nerdy – Vol. 5

Our weekend is filled with Killzone 3, Dead Space 2, Rift beta and double-XP in Black Ops!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

No Rest For The Nerdy - Vol. 5

We never stop playing video games. That’s a fact. Even after we call it quits for the week we still look forward to getting home and continuing our digital conquests. It’s our life blood. So we thought it would be fun to share with everyone what our gaming intentions are for the weekend so you guys can get a sense of what we’re playing and enjoying on a weekly, non-formal basis. Yes, this concept isn’t new to the internet. But hey, we kind of want to join in on the fun. Can you blame us for that? So without further ado, here’s what we’re playing this weekend that will forfeit any semblance of rest…

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mikeMike White: This weekend will be rather slow for me gaming-wise. Friday I’m heading down to the Delaware beaches to attend a charity event my father’s band is playing at. Elderly white dudes playing funk and soul music never gets old.

Sunday is the big day. The day Green Bay brings home another Super Bowl title. I couldn’t be more excited. In the meantime I will be holding off Joey’s advances on Zuma Blitz to maintain my #1 spot and logging on to the next installment of the Rift beta.

Sunday is another day of great significance as my subscription to World of Warcraft expires after three glorious years of owning noobs and prying purple loots off dead internet dragons. I’m sure I will re-subscribe at a later date, but that’s a topic for another discussion all together.

erik_blurbErik Norris: I’m trying to take it light this weekend with my gaming. I know, I know. What kind of article is this if we’re supposed to talk about the games we’re playing and I say I’m planning to play nothing. OK, fine, you twisted my arm. I guess I can find some time to break away comic reading and watching Mad Men to play some more Dead Space 2.

I’m in the middle of my second playthrough and loving it just as much as the first time. However, it’s a much different experience after you’ve completed it once. I’m not afraid anymore. Those little bastard babies and velociraptor zombies should be running from me and my completely upgraded Plasma Cutter. But even if the shock scares don’t freak me out anymore, the story is just as compelling the second time around. What a great introspective character study Dead Space 2 is.

Other than that, I got nothing this weekend. Sorry, I have to rest up for a Duke Nukem-themed party…

joey_blurbJoey Davidson: Call of Duty: Black Ops Double Experience Weekend, suckers. I’m going to strap in and play the shit out of that game. My wife will likely divorce.

I’m also 15 hours into Pokémon Diamond, again. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions. I see the Pokémon, I want the Pokémon, I hurt the Pokémon, I catch the Pokémon, I love the Pokémon. My fragile heart can barely take the drama.

Finally, Killzone 3 is in my possession. Erik finished his review this week and handed the game to me. I’ll be rolling through and enjoying the tight controls and generic FPS goodness. I hear the multiplayer is fantastic, so here’s hoping the servers are up.

alex_blurbAlex Keen: I don’t see a ton of time for me to play this weekend; however, when I’m not watching my annual Barbara Steisand movie marathon on Sunday, I’ll likely be levelling up my character in Borderlands. I’ve been enjoying this game quite a bit and it never seems to get repetitive. The next 30 levels I’ll have to traverse are a bit daunting but I’ll manage.

I’ve been playing Wii Fit almost everday at the behest of a 2 year old.  Apparently he’s my personal trainer.  Usually, I take a 10 minute jog through the hills and far away.  Furthermore, it was cool to discover the hidden easter egg paths that make running in this game bearable.

Finally, I’d love to say that I have some new XBLA titles to play for review… but I think that’ll have to wait a couple more weeks.  Needless to say, life has been busy enough to suck all of that extra time out of my life.